Monday, June 28, 2010

a mule of a different sort (6)

a different sort of mule

for hundreds of years whites have projected
the belief that …[non whites]…are inferior, a
concept that is in- consistent with reality.
what is the result? A mass psychosis has set
in among many white people.
ja a. jahannes

when inconsistency is prolonged
between belief system & reality,
psychosis ensues…

gov. jan brewer’s egotonicity, her
cognitive unraveling, the crudity of
her categorization & labeling –

“we all know that the majority of the
people … coming to arizona &
trespassing are now …drug mules” –

of (in her mind) related & perceived
possible threats bears witness to this.
she has become like "il duce" a lens,

a nonadjustable fixed focus of sharp
images of white supremacy, creative
fictions to which her like-minded

constituencies cling; like the skeletal
steel-fingered grip of a corpse that
squeezes an object treasured in life;

that act like hallucinogens which alter
perception, thought & mood & are
dealt (her mouth to their ears) from

the very seat of state government. is
she not herself a courier, mind & soul
packing/stuffing the psychotics she

has swallowed & smuggled across the
rational borders of morality. is she not,
herself, a mule of a different sort ?

©Joseph McNair;2010


  1. This blog is referring to the recent law passed by Gov. Jan Brewer and her fellows of ignorance in Arizona, due to "immigration purposes". As stated in the posting, "non-whites" have always been looked at as being inferior. Though it may seem so, we "non-whites" came to America and made it a better America. "We the People"? Where does it come into play? America is suppose to be looked upon as the land of opportunity. This is why we come here. Not to be lost of our dignity, but to be all that we can be, so that we can be of the "We the People". Those holding the highest of seats feel as if those immigrants crossing the border are "drug mules"... then where is the border protection? In all...This America is no America with out us.

  2. This poem addressed some comments that Governor Jan Brewer made about the illegal immigrants migrating to Arizona. She had that for the most part; mainly drug mules are coming into Arizona. The author of this poem feels that this kind of thinking is from the inherent belief that whites feel that they are superior to all races. He feels that it was inappropriate for her to make this assumption but it was not surprising. The author feels that because whites have portrayed a belief of superiority among all races it gives them the privilege to make degrading comments such as the ones made by the Governor. He feels that this kind of thinking does not separate the whites from the drug mules. In fact he believes it connects them. This happens because they are smuggling ideas of those that came before. Ideas of prejudice and injustice witch have proven to be detrimental to society.

  3. The mindset of the governor is set and there isn't much that will change it. She has conditioned herself to thinking that everyone crossing the border is the same and they are here to cause harm. She has, like the poem states, become like an Italian fascist dictator. There is an underlying racist tone to the laws being passed in Arizona.

  4. The depravation that the human take an advantage of the human body is the cruelty we are living in this society. Who are going to pay for this atrocity? The government? The own people?

  5. In this poem the author talks about the issue currently going on in Arizona. We've all heard on the news the issues going on in Arizona. Many don't agree with it, but a lot of people are backing it up. The one question that comes to my mind when I think about the issue in Arizona is Doesn't this strip Americans of our rights? The governer in Arizona backs this law that was passed. The way Governer Brewer stated everyone that is going across the border is unjust. The governer states that the majority of the people coming across the bordor are "drug mules." This coming from someone who is in a position like her displays ignorance and racism. This poem makes me wonder how far we have actually come as a society.

  6. This blog is in concern with the recent passing of Arizona's Immigration law SB1070 signed by Gov Jan Brewer. The law states that any person of "foreign" looks is allowed to be randomly searched for documentation of residency. Gov Jan Brewer also made a foolish statement by saying majority of those who come across the southern boarder are drug mules. I feel this statement is just ignorant and ignorance such as this is what I would call being close-minded. Yes, people crossing the border illegally, has always been a problem but what needs to be enforced are strict border patrol.

    From my view it is obvious that racism is the bigger picture within this topic. The world has come a long way from slavery days but this just shows that there is still racial inequality occurring. It is important for all of us to open our eyes to reality. We should not go against diversity but embrace it because it is diversity that educates another in so many ways.

  7. This poem is about Arizona and Mexico. It doesn't look right to me but sometimes you know that things that you didn't expect will happen. These people are crazy, especiallly the ladies coming in with drugs int their bodies. OMG, it looks like they will know anything for durgs. Drugs suppose to be illegal but yet others are taking them. I just have to say is wow. The government needs like a x-ray machine to help detect this illegal things.The guys swallow the drugs. making it harder for them. I don't know but if is a big problem then the government needs to stop all the trespassing coming from Mexico to Arizona.

  8. Among the tactics that politicians use, the politic of fear is the one that is used the most. How they accomplish their goals? they know that people general do not think; instead, they act by emotion but not reason, so the politicians profit of this to manipulate the majority of the population. It is not wise to stereotype individual or etchnic group based on irrelevant beliefs. Such attitudes can lead to chaotic situations. It seems that the human being has short memory about what happened in the past. To illustrate, the persecution of the Jews in Germany was caused by the belief that the Jews are inferiors to the Germans, and they were accused wronly as responsibles of the inflation in Germany. The unique solution that the Nazi regime has was to executed them. In the twenty-first century, the Holocaust is considered as a barbaric action against the innocent people. If we are cricizing the past, we cannot repeat their actions.

  9. This is happeneing all over but arizona takes the cake. There are people that can actually do something other than what they're doing, to atleast attempt to stop it. I believe that there are some people in the higher power that maybe have some part in it because these "drug mules" are catching alot of light for someone to just make laws about it and still be turning the other way.

  10. This poem is based on what happen n the state of Arizona.It is sad to see that we are about to go back in the time of slavery. How can a woman decide to put every immigrant of Arizona in the same basket? How can many whites people still persist in the belief that they are superior? At this poit,we they should be able to go beyond those negatifs thoughts, beyond their brain's limitation that stop them from accepting others as human being.

  11. This is a poem based on a woman who judges people based on what she believes. Allowing her ego and strong power of mind to set in, she makes consumptions on what she thinks she knows is true;which is everyone coming into Arizona who doesn't belong there are drug mules. Somewhat being compared as a psycho letting her mind escape into a world of disbelief and non-truth. Only seeing the world in rose colored lens glasses. Yet her eyesight is not clear,focused as to what reality really is. Yes, racism is still such a huge problem that we as people face in this world. Judging people first by the color of their skin and their racial background instead of who they really are. People are not really giving others a chance and allowing themselves to see others for who they are. We as people are one world,and although our skin may be different colors,we cannot allow ignorance and stupidity blind our judgment.

  12. In my opinion, this poem speaks of the mentality of Gov. Jan Brewer’s and how she has a set state of mind that believe in labeling and categorizing individuals. She has passed a law on the illegal immigrants or “non-white” to be randomly searched for documentation of residency by the law enforcements. How can such madness be passed? Where are the morals behind this? I also believe this goes deeper than presented. Govern Brewer also believes that everyone that’s crossing the border is and I quote “drug mules”. Does she have the right to place all individuals that cross the border in such a category just because she has a title? I truly believe someone in such power should know better. I can remember my mom always telling me, when you know better you do better. So just maybe she doesn’t realize that she has presented herself as a racist woman in power. Can we believe after such comments noted more than once that she will be able to govern knowing that more “non-whites” are crossing the border? Moreover, was this a wake-up call? Are there enough patrols on the borders to stop the immigrants? With the money and the technology of today who can be at fault on behalf of the lack of security? To close, is the world repeating history, can “We the people” live freely in the land of opportunity or are we changing just end up where we started from.

  13. This poem is about a recent law that was passed by Gov. Jan Brewer. The in this poem woman seems to be real ignorant for believing that everyone that crosses the border is a drug mule. Racism has made this woman delusional. She has become another sort of mule, who bares false information. She walks around giving false information to whoever she believe will listen her false information makes people around her delusional. As people we all should be treated with respect because we are all equal. Minorities are all people and should also be treated respect, not talk down upon as if were the black sheep of the world.

  14. Great. True Word. Ja A. Jahannes

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