Thursday, May 28, 2009

farewell my friend & agemate

farewell my friend…
for reginald f. locket
farewell my friend & agemate
tho’ our paths like an ancient
river’s branches have paralleled &
crossed many times in our many
attempts “to front the essential
facts of life” & reach behond the
possible limits of attainable results…
tho’ sourced alike from boggy
emotional landscapes, fed & renewed
by the glacial melt of spirit, tellurian
surface runoff & free elysian water
flowing from elevated headwaters to
the sea.
tho’ u’ve slipped yr mortal coil,
it is not as tho’ u’ve flowed into the
ground or dried up completely. our
waters are joined; there are none
who have known u who do not
happily carry the weight of yr
verse, yr love of life & memory.
yr lifesong rings in my ears &
heart & i am full with the joy of
knowing u…
farewell, ole gansta poet,
farewell, my friend, adieu.

©Joseph McNair;2009


  1. This poem is really touching. It makes me remember those I've lost but remain with me in my memories and in my heart. Its beautiful.

  2. This poem shares the authors intake on reginald f. locket. It expresses his positive attitude toward Locket.

  3. I love the imagery that u used in this poem,it works great to describe your most inner feelings.