Tuesday, November 10, 2009

breaking into salsa (4)

breaking into salsa

for the new world school of the arts dancers

breaking into salsa on the down or
moving the accent from bantu “1”
to arara “2”, stirring up the cancion,
coming on like a searing heat, the
juvenescent couples burn a flirtatious
encuentro, replete with pelvic thrust
& coital brush, boy chases,girl avoids --
then waits to be caught. hips creating
flowing, wave-like eruptions, flowing
with the hoarse stacato voicings of the
caja, mula y cachimba, the yuka drums
reeking of congo, of palo mayombe or
the batas, okónkolo, iyá & itótele, sacred
to şango, after he exchanged ifa’s tablets
with sage orunmila for the great gift of
dance, para convertirse en la divinidad
de la danza; if brazen young hips & feet,
or youthful swinging arms & tossing heads
could sing un alarde canción, they might
boast of inventing romance on a sultry
miami night.

©Joseph McNair

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