Thursday, November 5, 2009

whence came u, spirit?(2)

whence came u, spirit?
for marina torres
whence came u, spirit?
¿de dónde vienes?
to possess the song,
el cante jondo, the dance,
baile flamenco y de estilo
flamenco de la guitarra?
to billow & engorge the
spinning skirtswirl of the
bata de cola?

are u fellahmengu
percussing the wind?
a palma clapping, golpe
stomping peasant spirit?
a morisco hiding among
the gypsies? or are u epiritu
sephardi flamante taking
the head of this hispano-
arabic bailaora,

spinning her so magically
around. see her zapateado,
her two feet, legion, a drum
roll, el redoble de los tambores,
this duende, like the compás,
speeding up, slowing down,
speeding up again, propelling
her thru the sequences of
a misterioso, a passion play!


©Joseph McNair;2009

1 comment:

  1. The spirit of the dance. Or could it be a ghost or mythical being that posseses us when we are in a trance dancing. Wether it be for religous or just for backyard fun something takes over us when we dance and leave everything behind. Not knowing if it is us or some being that takes over us, but we feel connected with another person or world. Maybe it is the the spirirt of the dance.