Saturday, April 17, 2010

for george shearing, obe (14)

for sir george shearing, obe

hail to thee, sound!—the power of euterpe
in all the scenes of life—
henry kendall

sir george, yr dad delivered coal to the palace at
westminster; yr mum cleaned the trains ‘tween giving birth to
one & seven siblings come before u & after
caring for them the day long in battersea. & u,
the last, was born congenitally blind. thank yr stars
for music! thank euterpe, the giver of delight
for yr prodigy, for those old teddy wilson &
fats waller records, for making a quick way out of
cockney battersea, bringing u to america
giving u the lullaby of birdland & the kind
of music u made when u played double block chords on
top of octave melodies, yr beknighted voicing.
u 've done yr muse blinding proud. well cracking done, sir knight!

©Joseph McNair;2010

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