Tuesday, April 6, 2010

for herman poole blount aka sun ra (4)

for herman poole blount
aka sun ra

(1914 --1993)

when movements from tone to tone are codified
& consciously used within a symbolic frame of
reference, the language of music develops.
dane rudhyar

u, who cherished irony & paradox
as a way to break out of conventional
music making ventured even into stark
atonality in yr endless quest to
disrupt the basic unity of europe’s
collective psychism; its imperial
drive for conquest, expansion, austere
christian salvation. u were there eshu-ing,
trickerating & dancing at the crossroads;
carrying messages, re-coding movements
from tone to sacromagical tone –zoning!

© Joseph McNair; 2010


  1. For herman poole blount aka sun ra

    I believe that this guy was a soul seeker, meaning that anyone who talks to him enjoyed his company, he gave off a good presence. He could turn almost anything into the most soothing music you will hear, but it was more than music he was talking about. Every musician has a code that you must untangle, and his was just the beginning.

  2. After reading the poem I think that he was opposed to Europe and its thirst for land and that he used his music to speak out against that which he didnt believe in or agree with. In his music he liked to use a lot of irony to be different from the norm and he wanted the messages that he was sending out to be decoded by the listener. I don't think that I would have liked his type of music because I like things where the message is clear.