Thursday, April 29, 2010

for herbie hancock (30)

for herbie hancock
(1940 --
there is nothing that music cannot undertake to do,
or dare, or portray, provided it continues
to charm & always remain music…

a remarkable creator, the step beyond bud
or monk – incredible synthesis of disparate
styles. a metamorphic with an uncanny knack for
soaking up life but remaining original like
ravel – who infused jazz into his concertos &
embraced the gypsy’s rhapsodic joy, trepidation,
& awe in his symphonic poems – u, herbie, a
miles davis wunderkin, brought glittering passages,
chordal melodies & enriched unisons to the
blues, webs of figurations to hard, edgy bop,
playing it funky, playing it electric but more
than that, feathering a cozy nest for unroosted
rock, rap & electronica to find their way home.

u have transcended limits & genre; absorbed deep
structures, the defining forms of classical, bebop
rock & soul; followed a brilliant path of transformation
upwards, shifting yr identity into even
higher order structures, enabling yr consciousness
to operate on, integrate the former in the
unimaginable spaces of yr genius – where
u have amamnestically come to know a deep,
fundamental frequency, an intonation, the
wombsound that birthed all music that u pray/praise when u
play, much like the laws of life u pray/praise when u chant
the sacred syllables nam-myōhō-renge-kyō,
the lotus sutra & symbol of yr transcendence.

©Joseph McNair;2010

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