Wednesday, May 5, 2010

for freddie hubbard (5)

for freddie hubbard
(1938 -2008)

one foot in tonal jazz, the other in atonal,
a pendulum swing between interest & tension,
stable/passive & unstable/active, u were a
dialectician of sonorous euphony, the
most brilliant horn of a generation of cats who
swung from side to side, to & fro with gravity &
acquired momentum but would not fly off into the
deepest currents of free jazz. had a big beautiful
tone; a canny sense of rhythm & time; a fiery,
exuberant style that pushed u to hit notes higher
& faster than anyone else around or blow up
tense & tumescent to release the contents of yr
very soul in a soft melodic adumbration.

©Joseph McNair; 2010

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