Thursday, July 9, 2009

for mamman vatsa (13)

requiem for a soldier poet
for general mamman vatsa

something lurked behind his verse, some
irony within, & compromised, was forced
to act for better or for worse.

soldier? poet? which nature came to fore,
prevailed which force behind the plotting?
which made the plan mature?

a soldier makes of death a game; can kill
without remorse. a poet, tho’ is pledged to life;
at minds & pathos aim.

a soldier poet can sway, choose death or
life if power might be gained; even wager
his life to win the day.

bullet or poem, which one is the way. but
should a poet come to power thru’ the
barrel of a gun?

something lurked behind his rhyme; some
enemy within betrayed him; alerted his
targets & gave them time

to sniff around, investigate; put two &
two together. some disabused themselves in
time; for him it was too late.

plot expose, his plan accursed his reckless
gamble left a bloody poem, his body; a
riddled corpse, his verse.

© Joseph McNair;2009

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