Monday, September 21, 2009

for olori ( 16 )

for olori
a taste of honey,
a taste much sweeter than wine…

a drop of honey.
the glory of olorí;
sweet eternity.

smiles upon his dreadlocked child.
the pert queen of hearts
who shadow paints the river
yellow, quicksilver & gold

what fragrance is that?
what pheromonic allure?
oh, it’s u, olori!

my clothes were stolen
while i bathed in the river.
i followed footsteps,
sweet orite, to yr house.
u met me wearing honey.

oşun kayodẹ (owner of the dance)
mo ti de iwa pẹlẹ
(i am a person of good character),
will u dance with me?

oşun o pẹ o,
the birds of my thought fly free:
feathers float & fall,
vultures & peacocks undress,
make ebọ for olorí.

olorí ede (who creates beauty & elegance)
fun mi ni ori tutu
(bring me the blessing of calmness)
i will make beauty.

in my house of light;
òrìşà’nla brings aşẹ;
each moment pregnant
with a million possible
actions, interpretations.

but eşu opened
the road to u, olorí,
tender blessing come,
consistent with my highest
good & greatest destiny.

please ọbatala
fun mi ni alafia
(bring me peace),
abundance will come.

promise infuses dawn
with yellow-gold expectation
she’s interested!
fear has faded with the night.
he paints the day with laughter.

all praises, baba,
owner of all that comes from
invisible realms
& owner of my head.
thank u for yr precious gift,

that erotic impulse
that binds & inspires me;
is called orite,
who informs my destiny
& helps me weave my white cloth.

©Joseph McNair; 2009


  1. Oh my, I think I am getting jealous!

  2. She seems to be covering your aşẹ, Iyawo.