Sunday, January 17, 2010

pat robertson's god is an awful god (8)

pat robertson’s god is an awful god

pat robertson’s god is an awful god
the worst that man has made;
capricious, vengeful, quick to wrath --
perennially afraid.

he need not possess too much
by means of higher thought;
he’s jealous & judgmental,
his mercy dearly bought.

primordial, unforgiving
& stingy in his grace,
punishes with quake or flood,
& turns away his face

from those who need him desperately,
the weak & dispossessed;
the faithful trampled underfoot
by excesses of the blessed.

a severe & angry deity
that fails more oft than not,
who fears he just might be replaced
by those who fear him not.

he would loose the hurricane,
& make to him the faithful cleave;
upheave the ground on where they stand
to ensure that they believe.

he’d even curse a skittish flock
who did turn to folkish elder gods
that served them true in days of yore,
tried & steadfast by all odds.

unbalanced & demented
a scourge unto himself,
pat robertson’s god is an awful god
as mad as pat himself.

©Joseph McNair; 2010


  1. My sentiments exactly, well, at least that is the majestic message professed from pulpits everywhere.

  2. *Applause* It is about time that someone points out how fickle a god can be under the words of someone with power. Religious entities no matter who they are or where they come from are believers of good and hope, forgiving to all. And the claim that Pat Robertson makes about Haiti making a pact with the devil is ridiculous. Just another rascist with nothing better to do than demean a population who has been struck over and over again by disaster. One must be heartless to turn away from a suffering child or an injured person.I guess that's Pat Robertson.

  3. woo! tell me how you really feel Yesenia!