Thursday, January 28, 2010

when a boy falls in love (10)

when a boy falls in love ...

i've heard them say love was a wonderful thing,
something you couldn't hide on a shelf

sam cooke

it’s something that can’t be hidden on a shelf,
under bed or bushel, however one may
try to warp masculine-like around it with
toughness or indifference as bark or skin.
ill-concealed by a not-so-transparent veil
of ignorance, behind which nothing is known
of self or ability, position, race,
ethnicity, sex or gender; where all are
rational, free & morally equal, a
young boy’s love, a wondrous delight, scatters
darkness, deepens shadow; a transient pulse.

© Joseph McNair;2010


  1. i think you should write the difference between a boy and a man... how their love may differe and or stay the same... but i did enjoy this.

  2. I am glad you did. Perhaps a simpler poem about the complexities of male love might be found in the poem "what is it that u see in him?"

  3. I wish I had met the boy.....before he became THE MAN...!

  4. Ilike this poem I think that it is a good description of what we feel like love is when we are first experiencing love and how consuming love can be. Sometimes we lose ourselves in love.

  5. Love is something that can not be hidden. It will always be their even if we try to put it in the back of our minds. Guys try to act like if they dont care. But the truth is when a guy really falls in love he will move the earth and sky to please you. And women in the other hand well most of them dont try to hide it they normally just put their heart on the table and just hope for the best result. All the women wants is to get what she gives in return.

  6. This poem is the truth. Love is apparent when it is present and cannot be hidden no matter how hard you try wherthe male or female. Most guys are conditioned to believe that its not okay for a dude to show his emotions. They are told that they have to be tough and before this conditioning these young men expressivly show their love. As appose to women who are free with their emotions society says its okay for them because they are women. Its all about your maturatiy level and how serious you are about that person.

  7. I see this poem as love being there between two people without race, sex, ethnicity, and other things mentioned having to do with it. It is just there because you love this person and those details or differences shouldn't matter. I know that it is a BOY and a boy might not worry about such things but as I read it I am only reminded that this is a MAN writing it.

  8. I think this poem reflects the life of a young boy in love. Once a boy grows up and becomes a man he is brought up to show his manhood and never show his feelings. Showing how he feels reflects signs of weakness. This poem shows a young boy before he enters that ignorant stage. It shows him on his knees begging for love, something we do not see a man do.

  9. This poem I think that it is a good example of what love is whenever we fall for someone, when we are first experiencing love and how consuming love. Love is apparent when it is present and cannot be hidden no matter how hard one tries. Males in general believe that showing emotions is not a good thing. They were told that showing emotions is a sign of weakness in this society. But I believe it will be a good thing for a male to show their feelings because once they hold everything inside suddenly them outburst can be fatal.

  10. when a boy falls in love:
    all and the only thing to say is nothing to say, but to say it all
    not much to say as a boy
    feeling like a young man
    when genuinely overthrown by my physical inexperienced desires
    is the instance of the of the desire
    to know love
    even I doubt my inequities of who I am are not important at this point
    for no one know or has nothing to say
    nor will I for the fact remains
    and affirm what it is
    desire need to express
    the emotion that drifts me away
    and to see the beholded one
    to immerse in it and give in to it
    in feedom, to love

  11. I agree with this poem. Sometimes when a boy feels love he is confused and do not know what to do with those emotions. Sometimes he may feel ashamed of it also.

  12. This poem in my opinion is trying to explain when a young boy falls in love. When boys fall in love they are scared to admit it. Boy's fell that when they do fall in love they are vulnerable to the girl. It's funny because there is a saying that goes " let the man fall in love with you first, than you first" it is all a sense of security. Overall , it is a good poem!

  13. When a boy falls in love its not hidden but its not shown in ways that people will expect ut to be shown. A male shows his love in a mascline form and hidden it only and slightly behind a wall of security not to feel to lady like

  14. The boy feels scared of falling in love but apart from races, genders, and all the obstacle that are in between, the love that aroses is always significant and emotional to every soul.In my opinion it was a really nice poem.

  15. this poem reflects the trouth and inocense of what being a child is. your unconcence and dont know or care about the standards of society so everything that you do you do it because thats how you feel you should witch is something tru and pure.

  16. The poem's main point is that somebody who is in love cannot hide his or her feelings even though he or she tries to. The reason is that love does not know barriers of any kind, and it is only pure emotion.

  17. This poems means that when a youg boy falls in love he tries to cover it with his masculinity. He takes his feelings for someone and makes them manly. To me, the poem means that no matter race or ethnicity the young boy is, he will always feel the same confused feeling about love.

  18. This poem is expressing all the personalities traits and behaviors that are shadowing the expression of love. For example someone who shows tough love would express an emotion of superiority towards someone that they care for that they must see them with the best and nothing but the best. This person would not express their inner thoughts, feelings or emotions but rather show an expression that is more masculant than soft herated.

  19. Confused ? Love has no boundaries. There is nothing to hide, be a man. Young men usually have difficulty expressing their feelings, but not for long, for they soon realize the beauty of love.

  20. I agree that love cannot be hidden. You can try to to hide it but it is always showing no matter who you are. You may think you are the strongest you know until it it comes to love. You can sya that nothing will change you or make you think other ways until you find love and that person can make you see the world ina whole new light. And when you do find love i can be the most wonderful feeling in the world.