Thursday, December 10, 2009

a butterfly abreast two slender maids a-touching (4)

a butterfly abreast two slender maids a-touching

the butterfly counts not months but moments,
and has time enough.
rabindranath tagore

a butterfly abreast two slender maids a-touching
unfurls ecstatically in rapturous glory,
repudiating inevitable self-decline
& eminent homogeneity to steal a
frozen moment. its delicately diaphanous
wingspan tumescent with hemolymph mimics comely,
fragilely sirenic blooms to lure a fecund touch,
or warn away predation with the promise of
a bitter taste, an odor foul or potent poison.
the brief eternity of its life, an irony,
an unintended connection to fighting one’s way
out of old forms so deftly, exquisitely symboled by
a butterfly abreast two slender maids a-touching.

©Joseph McNair;2009


  1. I agree that in the picture I can see a butterfly and two slender women. However, I can also see butterflies surrounding the women and in the background.

  2. I agree with this ink block I do see the slender women with the butterflies but to me I believe the woman are dancing among these amazing creatures.

  3. Wow! Very impressive poem. I do agree with your point of view on this one. It makes sense. Butterflys are very delicate creatures and the part about the promise of the bitter taste is represented in the photo. Something so beautiful but can be a threat.

  4. I see butterflies in the background and what seems to be two women touching, their torsos seemingly attached. A butterfly is in the middle, between their chests.
    I sense this poem holds the story of a female coming of age, enfolding out of the larvae and becoming a butterfly, "repudiating inevitable self-decline".

  5. I agree that there is a butterfly in the middle of two women who appear to be tocuhing each other. I also like some butterflies that are coming out of the sides. I see what you mean about "its delicately diaphanous wingspan". Butterflies are very delicate creatures.

  6. I see both the butterflies and the two maids touching. By reading the poem, I think this represents the soft and nurturing side of women.