Thursday, December 17, 2009

rorschach plaat # 10 (11)

rorschach plaat # 10

Is that a heavy crown adorning yr squarish head,
inscrutable rorschach figure? Is that a shocking
pink feathered boa draping yr shoulders & dragging
on the ground in sharp contrast to yr bowed & spindly
legs? Is that a bra on yr chest worn outside of yr
tunic or just oversized blue sunglasses hanging
low from yr neck? what am i to make of u, looking
like one of those cannibals who greedily devour
missionaries when left alone with one in a boat
or on the shore? i am afraid to say. afraid the
shrink might be unable to differientiate my
psychotic from non-psychotic thinking & expose
my underlying thought disorder for what it is!

©Joseph McNair;2009


  1. what a mind trip. I have read all ten of these rorschach poems. I don't know whether to take you seriously or be very afraid. the problem is, I like them alot!

  2. This poem is definitely very metaphoric. It is trying to describe a certain animal or species, but I can't quite put my finger on what animal it is. The picture looks like a crab or spider.. but the description doesn't really match that.

  3. I see little people in the background with little antennae looking things sticking out of their heads! I also see a feather boa and a bra. Perhaps you're not the only one that has a thought disorder....there's a little crazy in all of us.

  4. I think you're description is very close because you are describing a woman and what seems to be people on boats can be missionaries going from one side to the other maybe to spread the word or their findings. Now to me, instead of a woman I see two pink mermaids which are obviously not human and it seems like they are being attacked by the people on boats and what appears to be blue crabs.