Sunday, December 13, 2009

the womb (7)

the womb

the vagina is to humanity what a flower is to nature
michael newberry

rorschach’s inkblot number 6 like the georgia okeefe
canvas, “grey line with black, blue & yellow”, beckons to
the very core of cognition. do i behold in
that smeared image wrought from hemorrhaging ink a jade gate
or whispering eye? or merely accommodate some
deep freudian wish imposing on that static but
protean blot. in that painting do i really see a delicate
flower ethereally erotic & pretty,
or a lotus-like, open & flushed vulva. i ask
myself which is analogue; which, pray tell, is target?
womb or flower? flower or womb? which the more complex?
which the more familiar? what proportionality
is at work here? what aristotelian fancy?

©Joseph McNair;2009


  1. I am familiar with the works of Georgia O'keefe

    i believe that life and nature go hand and hand so it is in my belief that they are one in the same. so instead of debating i prefer to experience their pulchritudinous.

  2. The womb in ma eyes resemble a mother's regret for bearing a child that wasn't intentional,or result of her being raped. She wishes to kill the child while sparing her life.For she beleives she is not the cause of that child.She does not want to be the mother who conceive that child.

  3. No matter what the womb is precious and the live that grows in that live cannot be responsible in any way for the reason of that childs existance. This is the beauty of the womb, no matter what that womb can creat a chance at life. The womb is always beutiful. There is no way of debating this.

  4. I see a two swords on one handle. To me the picture is saying there are always two sides to the story. In corelation to the vagina, in life you have to make alot of choices and I believe the vagina depicts the human mentality sometimes.

  5. I see a delicate flower coming out of something so ugly. The womb to me is a mother in pain because she is excited of her first born. And everyone around her seems to be so upset with this pregnancy. They don’t want the child to be born. But the mother knows that she is carrying something precious that has been given straight from God. And that her child has a plan and will grow into a delicate flower.