Monday, December 7, 2009

i met destiny on an ironic path (1)

i met destiny on an ironic path

for master dae kwang

i met destiny on an
ironic path, the one i
took to avoid it; i neither
side-stepped nor turned
back, but fixed upon my
fate a baleful glare –
one that surely would
have killed the buddha,
my tragic mother, or
any patriarch, my father
notwithstanding. one
that surely would have
repudiated tradition;
spurned those seduced
by facile opinion.
i looked, then moved,
through my destiny,
following those faint
but indelible footsteps
leading to my self.

©Joseph McNair; 2009


  1. very relevant poem, i too believe that i am on an ironic path toward destiny. at times i like to believe that we are in control of our ultimate destination in life but certain events force me to think that things will be as they were designed regardless of how hard we try to alter them.

  2. The image itself seemed to me, to be a spirit that is trying to still see what was once a workd that he/she once lived. Many of us live our life the way that we think is the right and safe way to be in a better place at the end. I myself feel that it is ok to sometimes become side-tracked, because the world we live in may force us to loose focus. But it is up to each individual to stay focus on their destiny, which I believe is already designed by God.

  3. In the photo, I see a man figure in the middle and it seems he is trying to control the things around him. Even though there were circumstances he tried to avoid and not look at, they were inevitable and stood in front of him while he tried taking the path where he thought he wouldn't run into them. It seems he tried pushing his destiny to the side and tried making his own but the same thing would just repeat. His destiny was planned already and I think even him trying to be on his own was still part of his destiny.

  4. That is just the way life is. We could spend our entire lives trying to do a certain thing or head a certain way but the way destiny is we cant control the outcome. Destiny at times can be cruel and at times be very rewarding. No matter what, God has created a plan and has it laid out for us, it just takes time for the plan itself to manifest itself unto us. But no matter what we do it has been writen in the fabric of time and there is nothing we can do to alter it.