Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the jeweled frog (9)

the jeweled frog

A frog in love would not be enchanted to learn
that her beloved had turned into Prince Charming.
mason cooley

from quaint & sundry lore the legends of the jeweled
frog derive. in ancient kemet rising like smoke from
the order anura’s womb, a million strong after
each annual flooding of the nile, lustrous, clinquant
frog-faced heqet, the goddess who breathes life’s breath into
bodies shaped on khnum’s potters wheel. or in new role-
play gaming where fat, warty gnarco toads entreat a
halfling goddess for beauty. a boon she readily
grants, painting them brilliantly irridescent for their predators
to easily see, then poisoning their skin, their warts
oozing venom though glittering like gems. how sad that
social science demotes this wondrous spirit totem
to a trifling symbol of a virgin’s sexual fear.

©Joseph McNair


  1. I agree with this ink block I do see a frog with many bright colors but my eyes also see the frog sitting on a lily pad for others to admire its beauty.

  2. When I first looked at the ink blot, I didn't see a frog. I saw something that resembled a crown. But after I read the poem and looked at the ink blot again, that was when I saw the frog. I know that a frog has a significant role in faerie tales, being the prince under a spell waiting for his princess to break the spell and I know that a crown represents beauty and wealth.

  3. Very true if I were a frog and I found my true love in another frog. I would give my entire love and heart to that frog, my entire dedication and I would only have eyes for that frog and that frog only. But ALAS the frog gets a kiss a prince and I come to find out it was never a true love since the frog was not really frog but a human being. Wow what a disappointment. I rather give my life up for someone that has a craving for frog legs that someone that is not even true to the own body and life.