Sunday, July 5, 2009

i know it was the blood (7)

i know it was the blood

fallow fields daydream of wind-borne seed.
in church, godly women give in to heaven's touch.
the blood that jesus shed for us reclaimed,
to engorge a holy purpose, to stiffen flaccid faith
& sate those wanton souls who need so much.

spring tears blossoms screaming from their buds.
in church, a preacher perorates prurient fire.
the blood the savior bled for us declaims
a passion & mortal weakness, an unyielding
temptation; a long & lusty wallow in the mire.

a river's perennial soaking flood. in church, tears
& plaintive wails connote happiness.
o blood of the lamb, given to many, abet the young
child who mistakes joy for suffering, & put his
anxious, simple mind at rest.

the sun wears a dazzling robe of rain.
jesus, savior, pilot me through this muck & slime.
the very blood that thou hast shed for me would wash
me white as snow; would steal away my shadow, would
feign to season me before my time.

©Joseph McNair;2009

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