Tuesday, July 7, 2009

jelly, jelly (10)

jelly, jelly

jelly, jelly, jelly
jelly stays on my mind

jellied yearnings seem a bit insipid now.
yet another fallow moment passes:
my mind lays flaccid, idle in a growing

my eyes – not nearly as fit or firm as when
younger – bulge just the same; touch,
caress fervid fecund figures with delayed

eyes that need much more stimulation now;
more than memories of fading fettle,
of sugar & juice boiling in cauldrons
of coitus.

it must be jelly
cause jam don't shake like that

& there are these odd other longings.
not the cravings of priapus, full of
gelatin or pectin – but tender compassions
that thicken & set with time rather than heat,

aroused by desire older than sight or even cell
memory. a yearning for union – a oneness
missing from the couplings of pelvis & ego;
an absorbing unity, a clear, ecstatic cosmic jelly

strained free of fruity soul pulp & passion –
my refracting spirit swells!

©Joseph McNair;2009

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