Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ọya (33)

a princess tears a cloth in twain
that falls to earth a potent spell.
the mighty niger floods the plain;
ọya springs from its lusty swell.
ọya is the hurricane,
witch wind & summer breeze.
brings trouble & abundant pain
brings healing rains & love’s reprise
her power sweeps away deceit;
she is corruption’s mighty foe.
her justice swift, severe, complete;
for truth she strikes her surest blow.
mother of nine, owner of winds
she nurtures sans distraction
the egungun, four sets of twins
& every marketplace transaction.
ọya gifts the breath of life
& takes it back when life is done;
şango’s bloody bearded wife,
more terrible than anyone.
ọya, thus, is absolute change
her winds explode, uproot & spew
destuction. how passing strange
this force that brings the new.
ọya is the electric storm,
clears the way for the lightning bolt.
unwavering champion of reform,
provocative spirit of revolt

© Joseph McNair;2009


  1. I get it. You are paying tribute to the female orishas. Nice