Sunday, July 19, 2009

a nose opened wide (32)

a nose opened wide

a nose opened wide recalls the scent of musk
melons & clotted cream, the delightful penetrating
odor of ripening, is nothing more or less than
pheromonic sorcery.

a salivating tongue remembers sweet sugary
cakes, baked in a shallow tray & filled with jelly
or butter cream, is nothing more or less than
sweet sortilege.

the flavors & aromas of my aroused woman compel
my nose & tongue like gravity, to blaze salacious,
salivary trails to the source; to that tangy, slippery
salt lick to irrigate a delicious opening,

to pause, like a blues lover, at the door of a favorite
joint, to soak up, savor the sounds; show sensual
sapience before hardening up & sliding in, giving
in to luxuriant lubricity,

giving in to the tao of love like a fervent farmer
breaking ground to sow his seeds, like an intrepid
warrior breaking thru’ enemy lines, like a stallion
bucking wildly in a stream or

a huge stone sinking into the sea, into the welcoming
wetness, into the swelling tumidity of wonder, into
the shimmering not-self of release, is nothing more or
less than tantric play.

© Joseph McNair; 2009


  1. i really like this. its suble but not at all subtle & sexy for days