Saturday, December 12, 2009

biker, hellrider (6)

biker, hellrider

biker, hell rider, in a sequential disclosure
of evil, the worst. more than the grim white horse rider,
with neither bow nor crown, a mischief/mayhem maker.
more than the red horse rider, that fearsome taker
of the peace, or the black horse rider, brandishing scales,
claiming a pretty penny’s weight of wheat & barley;
bringing scarcity to a universe of plenty.
even more than the pale horse rider, whose name is death.
this biker, who is anomie, threatens the very
gateway to the incommensurate & eternal
with moral deregulation & the absence of
spiritual aspiration— a real ghost rider— who
ever haunts the bleak highways of self-revelation.

©Joseph McNair;2009


  1. I understand where a biker might be a hell rider. Due to the reputation, which they carry for being the bad and rough guys. But, I ride bikes with my friends and it is just a stress reliever. All the wind in your face it feels as if your problems and troubles are not there. It is a moment that you feel free and just get to live for that moment. The picture looks as if the rider is so overwhelm and is just coming out and leaving to find somewhere to collect himself.

  2. Based on the title...biker hell rider, i can see in the picture that someone, some type of relation to the spartans is furious and ready to attack any one in its way.He is furious and the setting seems to be in a dessert and due to all the running, the sand is blowing everywhere.

  3. I see a grim reaper and two hourses that look furious at each other. They look like if they are in the middle of a battle and the grim reaper is there so that he can claim whats his at the end. And this is very true of death as it is always waiting.