Thursday, August 6, 2009

al haj (6)

al haj

al haj, the smooth, can charm
the skeptical
with grand ideas

or lofty dreams;
can make them gullible,
& snare them in his misbegotten

al haj, the rogue, defrauds
with sleight-of –mind.
forms companies,

brides everyone
and contracts come in kind;
the payments made, the work,
at best, undone.

al haj, the wraith, is apt
to disappear
when money’s owed

or salaries due
to mecca or niger.
his creditors & workers making

allah’s embarrassment,
alhazai da
basu da imani.

weeds strangling the maize;
a blight as virulent as

©Joseph McNair;2009

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