Friday, August 7, 2009

kwari ta kwayar (8)

kwari ta kwayar
insects in the grain

insects in the grain? no cause to cast to
the winds value; to throw away what is

sift, sieve the grain, throw away the
bugs. it takes a bit of time but think of
what you will save.

i am sifting grain; the coarsely ground
flour of truth, stored long, almost
forgotten. it is crawling with bugs.

tiny brown voracious pests devouring
many times their weight.

i pick them out along with stones. one by
one, pausing to consider each & the
damage done.

it’s funny how one can dismiss the flour
because of these.

i have purchased my share of nigerian
grain, many a mudu at great expense; a
mixed blend of wild, & hybrid.

i have stored it away & allowed it to
become infested such that picking out
is routine requisite to eating.

washed, though, in my secret tears;
roasted in my anger, nigerian grain is as
nourishing as any.

my soul grows fat.

©Joseph McNair; 2009


  1. The picture of juvenile innocence is well chosen to compliment the poem's searing accusation: man's seemingly boundless capacity for exploitation and victimization.

  2. I think this comment is for a childhood's end, but thanks Rene, i get the point.