Friday, August 7, 2009

at childhood's end (7)

at childhood’s end

venial the brown girl
 of eleven seasons
enters timorously her
 matrimonial home
soon to know a bed pf pain
 a sharp
indifferent tearing and callous
condemned to prevenient
 maternity, a fearful
ordeal begins.

vile the old man who takes
 her to wife
a debaucher and lover of
 children, who
greedily ogles her lean hips
 her breasts not yet
in bloom. she is just right
 docile, impubic
neither has she seen her
aroused, tumescent, this
 obdurate old
lecher rapes, ruptures his
 child bride!

fell the circumstances at
 childhood’s end
immured, kept in purdah
 the least of
several same fated wives
 the girl has watched her
tummy grow, has borne an
 anemic child
untimely; has borne the agony
 of stretching
labor; the crushing of
 kidney, spleen
and bladder; has borne
 the humiliation
extant in being unable to
 hold her urine

has been driven away from
 her husband’s house
exiled at childhood’s
left to fend or fare
 well or ill

©Joseph McNair; 2009


  1. Vesico vaginal fistulae is still prominent in those areas of Africa and the middle east where child brides and pre-pubescent handfasting are practiced. Thank you gfor bring this to light

  2. I experienced being peed on in a Kaduna taxi i was sharing with two you hausa women. I was riding along talking to the driver when i noticed my clothes were wet. I was sitting in pee. The driver told me this was common "up here," young women forced into marriage and regular intercourse early and damaging theit internal systems.

    A VVF is an abnormal communication between the urinary bladder and the vagina that results in the continuous involuntary discharge of urine into the vaginal vault. An accurate diagnosis is paramount before consideration of repair. A variety of methods are available to the clinician, and any excessive or suspicious vaginal discharge in a patient who recently underwent pelvic surgery or who has a history of pelvic radiotherapy should be evaluated promptly for a UGF.

    Numerous factors contribute to the development of VVF in developing countries. Commonly, these are areas where the culture encourages marriage and conception at a young age, often before full pelvic growth has been achieved. Chronic malnutrition further limits pelvic dimensions, increasing the risk of cephalopelvic disproportion and malpresentation. In addition, few women are attended by qualified health care professionals or have access to medical facilities during childbirth; their obstructed labor may be protracted for days or weeks.