Thursday, June 25, 2009

for julia de burgos (11)

la grifa negra

for julia de burgos

julia, sun painted & wind primped belonging to
none but yr heart, yr kinky hair & plump kafir lips,
negro trozo de negro. in yr verse, u bludgeon
the false & socially constructed, anticipate
the furious feminist flower emerging from
its sojourn in the depths of tears & sorrow, before
it wins thru’, first in yr dense congo/boricua
ánimo, then to spill on yr poet pages the
first blood shed in yr peripatetic & perpet-
ual revolution. words that can scratch & scar or
even slay the dreaded dreary dragon of despair.
julia, sun painted & wind primped belonging to
us all. the black vine, our sweet, sweet negro bejuco.

© Joseph McNair;2009

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  1. now i have got to go back and read this poet. i am intrigued.