Wednesday, June 10, 2009

for june jordan (24)

the rains fall to purify the river
for june jordan
u loved the poem truly, fully &
completely, nearly exhausted the
inexhaustible, the psychic wellsprings
running deep in yr water-bearing
& permeable rock of self -- being
immigrant black in america, schooling
& marrying white, immersing in the
roiling lustrative currents of the radical
left, the transactional diplomacy of
divorce, the transformational pain of
childbirth & the numbness, arousal &
intrusions of a mother’s suicide –yr poems
came gushing forth in artesian verse,
black english verse, conversational,
informal & free; its meaning figuratively
known thru’ its common use & yr
uncommon skill. u loved the poem,
but showed us all how one can love
the poem & also love the play, novel
or essay, like how a woman who loves
a man may cleave to a woman as well.

©Joseph McNair;2009


  1. I foudn this poem to be vey insightful. I also found it to be very relatable for women. I think the poem summed up life in a few sentences and focuses mostly on emotions.

  2. This poem right now is my favorite one. The way u express the emotions on life is amaze.