Wednesday, June 10, 2009

for maya angelou (18)

for maya

maya, mother, our river,
rock & tree. caged bird no more,
flying free, rising still – no more
a muted, molested voice
but now a majestic song;
a song of redemption sounding
in the hollows of our hearts.
mother icon ruminate
on yr personal journey;
from st. louis bagnio
to inaugural worldstage,
poeting for the people,
poeting for the nation,
a true poem of transcendence.
here are yr flowers, mother,
while u yet live; sunflowers
for warmth & adoration,
roses in bloom for blessings.
& here are our hearts to lay
at yr feet. u have earned them,
ever steadfast in yr love.

Joseph McNair; 2009


  1. I've heard of Maya Angelou before, but read anything about her. After reading your poem, I feel that I want to know more about her. Great writing Mr. Mcnair.

  2. I like the way that the poem goes explays Ms. Maya as a molested voice but then says its a majestic song.

  3. Maya Angelou is so good at poems and writing when I was in High School I read many poems of her. I think she is a phenomenal writer.

  4. Ms. Maya is one of my favorite poet writer. I have almost all her books but I never herad her in person before.

  5. I had the privilege to meet Ms Maya Angelou in 1995 at the FAU campus. Ms. Angelou is an epitome of great poetry. I really enjoy any thing she writes.