Wednesday, June 10, 2009

for louise simone bennett coverley (17)

kibba yuh mout, miz lou
for louise simone bennett coverley
yuh liltin’ island voice, miz lou.
no lickle language, no lickle twang.
the soul of jamaica contained therein
yuh patois poesy. yuh mout so sweet,
yuh mout so fly, so member seh me deh
tell yuh. kibba yuh mout pure & free,
miz lou & all a jamaica tank yuh.

©Joseph McNair


  1. Bwoy mi luv dah one yah. Mi neva know seh ah suh yuh creative. Big up miz Lou everytime; Legendary Jamaican folklore.

  2. A very funny peom even trough it is short is very funny.