Wednesday, June 10, 2009

for jayne cortez (25)

savage to the passing silence
for jayne cortez
yr range
of poetic resources :
an uber voice, inspired like
breath by oya, emotan &
nne mmiri, textured with
multiple voices within, plying
pitch against pitch, point
against point, melismatic
more than syllabic, more
polyphonic than contrapuntal.
yr verse:
jazzy,projective, written
in breath; rich in ascending/
descending tonality & wry
rhythmic speechsinging –
an a cappella blues loosed
from its melody like a butterfly
escaping its larval coil. a body
of postmodern lyrics.
stylistics & postures:
yr tongue, a scathing weapon
of self defense, yr excesses ,
poetic or otherwise, nothing
more than strategies to slip
inhibiting, inimical conventions
imposed on women writers;
neither nilhilist nor relativist,
but poststructuralist.
with energy & power:
u dazzle, a supersurrealistic
nova shot out of a dense cluster ,
an incandescence, a black body
radiation in a pantheon of black
aesthetic stars, pushing back
the catastrophes, pushing us
forward toward peace, toward
equality & justice

Joseph McNair;2009


  1. This poem conveys a nice message. It had a nice flow and I really like it.

  2. This poem was ok the only thing i did not like was the begining. Howerever it had a nice flow and tone to it.