Sunday, February 14, 2010

consider a bedraggled obatala (9)

consider a bedraggled obatala

& he did it all with just
a hundred pounds of clay…

elgin, dixon & roge

consider a bedraggled obatala
working off the sum of unpleasant effects
following a drunk to end all drunks. can you
imagine him shaping the heads & bodies
of his first children while trying to clear his
head? did he feel lost? or lacking in purpose?
imagine his surprise when his first few seemed
less than perfect, with flattened heads, almond eyes,
small ears & mouths, not at all ugly, but
different. & he resolved to make us all
less than perfect, that he might love us as much.

© Joseph McNair; 2010


  1. a fitting tribute to my father and I believe your father, Obatala peleo, fun mi ni alaafia, un mi ni ire, un mi ni ifa, un mi niowo!!!

  2. There is a person that is a drunk, and when his children come he will have to worry about ending his addiction and caring for his children. He will have resolve this and also about his children that he will hopefully love as much as he loves to drink. Sometimes we give things more importance in life when they don't deserve it.

  3. I was trying to figure out how can the addiction of alcohol shape the body or image of a child in a mothers womb. Then i thought about the many addictions and iniquities we all have and never thought to stop them because it wouldn't catch up to us. Little did we know that not all curses skip a generation and that we may just have carried these curses off to the generation inside of us. It doesn't look so bad when you have to look at your own flaws thinking no one else knows about it. But when you have to look at your flaws inside and outside your childs life and body and watch them cry out "why am I like this" It hurts deeply to know that it's your fault and you could have prevented before it affected another victim within you.

  4. This made me think of god and how he died for us to have better lives. How he wants to teach us and mold us to children of god and live as he would live. We are not perfect and he knows this and still loves us.

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