Friday, February 12, 2010

those treacherous tender traps (6)

those treacherous tender traps

i don’t have to beg u to hold me
cause somebody else will...
yr good thing's gonna come to an end!

burdened by recapitulations & the
balancing of accounts, it seems so easy
to stay & dwell on a harvest of endings.
why don’t i just leave? u really don’t want me
anymore. rather than walk aimlessly thru
my days looking backwards, afraid to let go,
unable to disentangle myself from
painful recollections, i should follow up
on those notes deftly passed to me by yr friends,
those looks, touches or lingerie given as
invitations, those treacherous tender traps.

© Joseph McNair; 2010


  1. Lingerie given as invitations? Have we stooped so low? And these are the woman's best friends? hmmmm!

  2. I have heard of women leaving their underwear for the wife or girl friend to find. Its funny how this rarely happens when the man is not in a relationship.

  3. He is trying to break up and end the relationship he is having but there is something that keeps pulling him back. It is keeping him entangled into a trap. A friend of the girlfriend continues to seduce him.

  4. This girl is not in love she is Obsessed. The guy may or may not be in a relationship with her anymore but she is still sharing on ewith him mentally based on memories. Although he acts as if he doesn't want her anymore she can't help but want him, she can't see herself with another man. All the pain and hurt he put her through isn't worth leaving him.