Wednesday, February 10, 2010

what is it that u see in him? (3)

what is it that u see in him

when the final act is over
& you're left standing all alone
when he takes his bow & makes his exit...
jerry butler

what is it that u see in him that u don’t
or won’t see in me? i am taller than him,
i look better than him & more than by half
i am smarter than him. yet he can make yr
nostrils flare, yr bubble butt bounce & make u
wear yr orgasm face for the world to see
u objectified, existing only to
sate his desires, reduced to having no thoughts,
feelings or needs of yr own. what is it that
u see in him & not in me? what jackpot?
pregnancy? std’s? infertility?

©Joseph McNair;2010


  1. Wow.....when you get a minute, simply take her hand and ask her!
    p.s. I really love the pictures you paint with words....

  2. I don't like the fact that the man in the poem keeps comparing himself to the other guy but I do like the fact that he thinks very highly of himself. But what I would say to this person is if you've fought as hard as you can for her and she still don't want to come back, then move on. Trust me she is going to reap what she sows

  3. The poem seems desperate to me. You want this person to look at you and want you because you think you are better for them then the person they are with but they are so in love with someone else that they aren't paying any attention to you. Clearly the person in the poem is yearning for someone. I think they're angry.

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  5. Sometimes when someone gets in a relationship they bring baggage. I guess this girl had a terrible experience with her past relationship. That she is bringing that into her new relationship. She judges every guy to the standards of her past one. That is so wrong because I really do believe that you are permitted to pass many things to learn. Not to judge but to know what is out there and appreciate what you have in hand now. You cannot be happy until you let go and start of new.

  6. I see a man hurting because a woman that he loves is choosing sexual gratification from another man over more in-depth qualities in himself. Sex will not last throughout an entire relationship but only for some moments throughout it, however, intelligence and good intentions will be present throughout the entire relationship. He seems worried of what she is doing to herself by being with what he considers the wrong choice.

  7. In this poem they still bearing the pain they encountered in a previous relation so now it seems like the heart won’t open to be love. I met a few people like that who was scared of opening their heart and let someone love them. Once someone closes their heart to love something it turns into depression because they are extremely lonely.

  8. what is it that u see in him:
    the need to possession
    the driven marathon to obtain
    only when I don’t know I’m appeased
    then once more the struggles of possessing
    the struggles of eluding ones self in desolation
    for the challenge that has to overcome
    enforcing your truth to see mine
    am i so vein
    or just so knowledgeable
    without the wisdom of what is really there
    there could be more than just me
    the scary thought in a denial
    that it is not just all about me
    with a longing desire to make it about you in my eyes.

  9. The man in this poem is clearly upset with the woman in his past relationship. By the looks of it, if they're relationship has ended there has been a good reason as to why it did. I think he shouldn't be asking her what she sees in him, obviously something better that he didn't have. Even though he may not be as tall or as smart, maybe he brings her security, sexual and emotional comfort. I think he needs to let go and move on.

  10. I think this poem describes many women in this world. Some women only choose a man because he have money or for sexual needs. But they do not try to find a man who will love her for her and to have a genuine and happy relationship that will last for a lifetime.

  11. This poem was very interesting. It's talks about a situation in which women go through all over the world. The poem describes a man who is comparing himself to the women he desires how he is different than the man she is with. He ask's her what is it that she see's in this man that has all these negative facts and is not good for her. However, I believe sometimes wome are so deep into a relationship they can't surpass all these negative things the man they are with has, so they stay.

  12. I believe this is saying this person is bad for you. He's jealous about someone (which is the women of his desire) is with someone thats bad for her. It is also saying the writer thinks he is better than the other man she is falling for.

  13. The poem seems to be with an angry tone. The person is desperate, he wants the girl to be attracted to him and not who she is with now. He thinks he is better then the other guy, and he wants her love now. The jealousy he is encountering is blinding him and going to get him anywhere.i dont like it!!

  14. This poem is coming from a very angry male. He's extremely jealous that the girl that he's in love with is so head over heels for someone else. He just can't see what she see's in the other man. He feels that he should be able to win her over because of his good looks, and his smarts. He doesn't understand how the other man can make her soo happy. The only thing he sees when he looks at the man is std's, pregnancy, and infertility.

  15. This poem reminds me of a girl that is in a situation where she has two guys in her life, one that she is in love with and the other that sh cant get rid of. she is head over heals in love for the one she shouldn't have he will do no good for her but the one she doesn't want is pretty jelouse nad just doesn't see how she could even think to compare him with the one that she does want.

  16. I think this poem describes the want that people often have but they can't have it. Many of the times people drag down others to place theirselves at the top or to even make themselves look better in the light. They even go as far as to come up with excusses as to why you are with that person. However, it can be a flip side to this the person can be with someone for a specific reason (money,looks) and not really in love with the person.

  17. i dont like this poem because its very straight forward and pushy. this is about someone questioning a person who is dating a guy of what are the reason for her to be with him. i think that if a person is with someone is because they really like them and there for the other person should step aside and let go of things.

  18. This poem is clearly about a man who's hurt in his heart because the woman he loves belongs to another man. So, the poet ask the woman several questions trying to discover what does the other man has that makes her love him so much even though that other man does not love her as much as the poet does.

  19. This poem portrays a selfish and jealous lover who cannot have what he wants. He sees himself as the better of the two and finds faults with the other. He is so full of himself that he only sees the good in him, but in the end it is the woman who decides.

  20. I think this poem is about a man who is in love with this girl maybe she is a friend of his. He knows how this girl feels about this man that is probably not the person for her. But for some reason she just cant leave him alone. The guy in the poem knows that he can satisfy her in the ways that she needs him to but she is so stuck on this other dude that she cant see it. He treats her wrong gives her this and that but she is just too wide open to see how bad this guy is for her and how good the guy in the could be.