Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the coupling of sun & soil (4)

the coupling of sun & soil

i've got the sweetest hangover
i don't want to get over
mcleod & sawyer

the coupling of sun & soil is passion-framed;
is joyeous, dynamic & sometimes cruel.
the sun stretches forth his yearning arms, to hold
the earth -- like i hold u -- to undulantly
move, the two of them (the two of us) into
tumid living, flaccid dying; into the
slick, slipperysweet confection of love &
love’s creamy glamor, into the pain that hurts
so good, the release from the dramas of light.
to lay spent, wide open to the peace of night’s
cozy dark & a sky full of grinning stars

©Joseph McNair;2010


  1. Mother earth is so lucky...she never has to worry about what her lover is thinking,where he is and if he is coming to visit and what gifts will he be bringing today!

  2. WOW I just had an epiphany while reading this. The sun represents Jesus Christ and the earth is Us. GOD loves us so much and he does reach out to us. I really like this poem.

  3. I see two lovers indulging the beauty of nature. In each other's arms and just watching the sky and how the earth just changes throughout the day.

  4. I think that this poem is about the rising if the sun and the relationship between nature and the earth. The way that the sun rises and the earth embraces the sun and then the relief that the earth has when the sun sets and night comes. I think that this poem is also about sex and the joy that you feel while being intimate.

  5. how can I merely commence to identify?

    the coupling of the sun and soil:
    at the moment of my consuming senses
    fill my soul
    seemingly nothing is more real
    nothing is more shamed
    yet it comes to an end
    a second becomes eternity
    please freeze me in time
    then the hours will not turn into days.

  6. This poem is using the comparison of the earth and the sun to that of a couple in love embracing one another. It is describing the wonderful beauties of human and mother nature.

  7. I think that there is a similarity between the sun and the earth and human relationships. It shows how beautiful love can be if we accept it.

  8. when I read this it reminded me of God being the son and his divine love for his children. he is always there during the exciting and joyous parts of our life but although life gets dark and scary sometimes he is still with you.