Sunday, February 14, 2010

a perfect love (10)

a perfect love

if its not love, we can’t
take it when we go
john brooks

in matters of love, carnal & profane,
his whimsical heart did equivocate &
prophet/sigh; was prone to dazzling leaps of fate.
falling for common, golden-hearted ex-tarts,
conflicted, prurient missionary types
or the uncommon daughter of a lesser
god. but his heart in other matters of love,
was true, was pervaded by the perfect gift
of grace –- charity -- come from spirit, true to
spirit; a true heart overflowing with that
which must be given away -- a perfect love.

©Joseph McNair;2010


  1. These poems are very intense, rich in images and feelings. A great collection for Valentines Day! I was especially touched by, consider a bedraggled obatala and the coupling of sun and soil but bravo! on all of these. The art is beautiful too. Tlazos for sharing! Odilia

  2. This post reminded me of gods love for his children. How even our righteousness are still but filthy rags. We as humans are never good enough to please him and never suffucient enough to repay him for all that he has done is doing and will continue to do for us. But as much as we are imperfect and him being beyond perfect and faithful he will always love you no matter what.

  3. To me this poem is about a man whose family wants him to marry a godly womam but he himself knows that she doesn't have to be godly but just a woman with the perfect love.