Thursday, February 11, 2010

amour mortelle (5)

amour mortelle

i’ve been your slave ever since i’ve been your babe

but before i’ll be your dog, i’ll see you buried in your grave!
billie’s blues

“…& if i can’t have u, nobody else will!”
he had laughed in the wake of those chilling words,
whose echoes now rise in the steam ascending,
seperating from the blood oozing from his
mortal wound. she loved him, of that he had no
doubt; had culled him from a teeming psychic sea
to embrace, to cleave to, like a devotee
who craves self-surrender, a martyr giving
completely to a cause, a tragic woman
in utter sexual abandon. hell has
no better assassin than love’s lethal goad!

© Joseph McNair;2010


  1. sadly, i have seen this...

  2. This poem was pretty scary but it is something that could happen in real life situations. The poem is about a love that is very deadly. A women who become obessesed with this man, which she wants all for hereslf. She explains that if she can't have this man then no one would, therefore she ends up killing him by causing him a mortal wound. By the way the qoute by billies blue is really strong yet interesting.

  3. This poem is about a woman being obsessed with a man. She was so overly obsessed that she stabbed him and he died. This shows that sometimes people get too caught up in the act and act wrongly.

  4. I think this poem is talking about a woman who is madly in love with a man. But the love she has for him is twisted and corrupt. She probably feels that he would leave her and she is afraid of the abandonment. So she rather kill him than for him to leave her.

  5. She killed him because she rather him and her be together in hell than to watch him be happy with someonelse. She was addicted to the sex he was giving her.

  6. This poem was kinda chilling. I feel that people engage in these types of relationships all the time and dont know until its to late. Many of the time we take the words that people take as a joke and not seriously. However, you never know how far someone will take something or even the things they would do when they have became addicted to the love of someone who may or may not feel as close to them as they do

  7. an obsesed love is the worst thing that could happen between two people. for both the one who loves and for the one that has fallen out of love. that is what this poem is about and this is something that happens on an every day basis. things never end up on a good hand and there are many things that can go wrong.

  8. This poem is about a very dangerous love. A love so strong that it causes a death. It';s obvious this woman had a jealous streak and she wanted her man to herself. She was addicted to the way he pleasured her. The man laughed at her words because he knew from the way she stabbed him that the woman must really love him.

  9. The women is desperate, wants all of him for herself. Is nothing compared to love is much of a desire just to be with the person. Some realtionships get to serious and end up being very violent at the end. The lady feels destroyed and kills him and the love or desperation she had over the man. I DONT LIKE IT women shouldn't be so obsessed with a guy, is not worth it.

  10. Wow. That is the type of relationship that scares me. The one that you cant get out of becuase the person loves you so much they feel like they are the only ones that must have you. This is scary i cant even imagine myself in that situation.

  11. I believe that between the man and woman in the poem there is no love. It is more like a dangerous relationship where the man abuse and commands, and the woman is so attached to him that she cannot leave. She is like his slave, but only because she decides to be.