Sunday, February 28, 2010

kinkan ma’sẹ olori orite

for hrg olorí iya orite olasowo adefunmi

are queens born or made? is there a royal jelly, a
thick, creamy secretion to feed to a girl, like that fed
by the hive in copious amounts to one larval
honeybee? to modify its genome? to groom a
queen? what made sheila brown from pleasantville, new jersey
special? who opened the road? who sniffed out the shortest
route? who cleared away the obstructions that stood in the
way to eku odun oyotunji & the great
orisa vodou spiritual lineage she helped
to build? did this all unfold thru’ the exertions of
human will? nay, not fickle human will, but divine.
this queen was born, not made, her portion conferred by great
olódùmarè to lead his dear children along.

©Joseph McNair;2010

1 comment:

  1. a point for divine intervention in the queen-making enterprise. How fitting for women's history month.