Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a very strange distress (2)

a very strange distress

a hendecasyllabic lament

that love, like god’s breath, cannot be easily
divined, or its meaning made plain; cannot be
scryed except in the crystallized substance of
those infinite interactions ‘tween lovers
who timorously, hopefully reach out or
indifferently withdraw, who exult/exalt
or hurt/debase, who cling possessively to
or dispassionately let go -- or who kill,
is well-known, oft forgotten, & remembered,
too late, in the wee hours of the morning,
& under thin, scratchy blankets of despair.

©Joseph McNair;2010


  1. well...did I forget to wish you a happy new year?
    Let`s unpack that ole suitcase of bad memories,toss all items and let`s get started on the rest and best of your life to come ? Some new blankets are on the way ! :g}

  2. This poem is about ones pain. The pain had been severe for so long so in this upcoming year it is time to leave all the bad stuff behind and start with something new. Life is not guarantee so it is time to start living life and enjoy the moment.

  3. I think that this poem is about the ups and downs of love. Somnetimes we hurt the people we love and sometimes they hurt us but love is very complex. It can be good or bad. At the end of the poem I think that it is saying that love is very painful but its worth the pain because the good outweighs the bad so the small amount of pain that you may feel if you are hurt from love is small in comparison to the sexual pleasure and emotional pleasure we get from love.

  4. This poem is about the hurt and heartbreakes that one gets in lifes relationships. The bad memories that you might have yo have to let go to start the new year in good terms. Untill you do not let go of the bad the good can not come. Yes maybe it was a bad relationship but they learned from their mistakes. Their relationship helped them learn and not make those same mistakes in their future ones to come.

  5. When I read this the hardships of love, along with the good side is illustrated in my mind. There are those who give up the love and those who try to fix it. I see a couple trying to start over and fix everything before it is too late.

  6. I don't believe in a love hate relationship. I believe that yes there will be tough times but no matter what happens I will never come to the point where I hate the one I love. I can hate what they do but never the person itself. But no one knows the trails of love if you don't know what love is.

  7. a very strange distress indeed.
    love is a feeling that cant be measured, it's intensity reaching new depths each and every day, provided the right fuel is provided to it. keep the fire growing and it is boundless in energy, strength and sometimes disaster. this is why love is so dangerous.....because the possibility of disaster is so great. when you love someone, you're ALLOWING them to hurt you, that's a condition of love, that hurt can and more than likely will ensue. think of love as a credit card contract; when you agree to use it and have it, the APR's and interest rates that accompany it are unavoidable. love is the same in the sense that you have to take the good with the bad, the pretty with the ugly, and all of it lies dormant at times under the scratchy blankets you hate to love. :)

  8. This poem reflects the difficulties and struggles people go through in a relationship. Relationships are painful and draining, but at the end of the day they're worth it. Even though we constantly get hurt by the person we love (sometimes intentionally and sometimes not), there is a reason why we always go back to the same person. No one ever said love would be easy, they just said it would be worth it. Love is the kind of thing you look back at and realize you cherished every moment, despite all the arguments and the small moments of pain. This couple is trying to let go of all the bad moments in order to grow from their expiriences and start over new.

  9. a very strange distress:
    only at times of encountering one’s self
    longing with the expectancy of neutrality
    still it does not come
    the extended of passion on opposite ends
    consumes my emotion
    can’t live and struggle with the need to have hold and not let go
    break up and makeup whether it here,
    now, then, or just in my mind
    there is the one thing we can’t do
    is to not let go, let love
    hold on to the what tares your inside in all
    why does it have to enclose it all?

  10. This poem makes me think about my relationship. There are times when we feel like it isn't going to work, but because our love is strong, we make sure to work it out. We understand that there isn't a such thing as a true "happy" relationship. There will be times in relationships where you fight, but it is up to both people in the relationship to work together.

  11. i really like this one because it gives you the two sides of love that at some point in our lives we have all felt or will feel. one takes you to the moon and back and the other one not so much. but thats exacly what love is.

  12. This poem clears up the reason I feel the way I do at times. Most of the time people think love is suppose to be happy at all times but there are times when love is not the happy and joyful moments. There are times when we disagree and fight about things but in the long run after the fighting if the two parties are willing to make it work it will go back to the happy or honey moon stage

  13. This is a love that had a lot of pain, that wasnt working out well.The love was painful, but yet its worth it at the end because at some point you actually experience true love. The obstacles that arrived between their relationship is something that was learned, and hopefully that pain never occurs again. Love is hurtful but sometimes can be amazing.

  14. Love is a package. We do not always know what is inside. In a relationship the totality of the package is revealed. Celebrate the good times, forget the bad memories and live every moment.

  15. When I read this I though of someone describing the memories of when they were either in love or felt loved. The thoughts and patterns that the author of this blog described are so familiar. The thought that I found most interesting was the waking up in the middle of the night and all you can think about is your lover whether there near or far but especially when they are near.

  16. Not be funny but this poem reminds me of the movie Avatar becuase of the picture. But not only that there is a part in the movie were the woman amd man avatar fall in love becuase they are drawn to each other. There feelings grew very strong throughtout the movie. And at the end they end up together the man dies as a human and is brought back as an avatar. THE END.