Sunday, February 28, 2010

kinkan ma’sẹ yẹyẹ

for delma jackson rodriguez

queen mother delma, yr fierce passion power defines
abundance. when u received carida del cobre
like river water incorporates drops of honey
& aspirated prayer, u became an ambient
agent thru’ whom all blessings flow, particularly
those of oşun edẹ, who creates beauty, elegance
& grace & oşun ibu kolẹ, who transforms the
erotic into the motive force that stirs even
the òrìşa. u bring authentic aşe to the
ceremonies of the living. u place the beaded
crown on the genuine oba’s head, & u ensure
that issues of respect & justice toward women
are maintained. mojuba mother, yẹyẹ adupe!

© Joseph McNair; 2010

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